We developed the idea of metamorphosis on an abstract level and combined it with Hermès‘ focus on heritage. The objective is to show the tools that are used to transform the raw material into the final Hermès product. Focussing on a productcentered piece, iconic images feature the product centerstage. A modern, abstract viewpoint on Hermès‘ heritage, giving the campaign an unseen, playful yet mesmorizing feel.

The Handbag

The Hermès handbag is the centre-piece of the composition. A zipper is flying around it, constantly entwining around the bag. The metamorphosis of the zipper is created through one large floating piece of metal, from which the zipper entangles. A few bigger zipper ends are lying next to the bag.

The Scarf

The scene is set in a shop window setting. A scarf is draped beautifully. We see a needle with a thread coming out of the needle‘s eye. The thread transforms into a cloud and represents the make of the product in a very abstract, artistic way. The thread goes through the needle, infinitely and evolves into a cloud. The make of the scarf as the centerpiece of the composition is underlined by the needle & thread as surreal elements describing the production process.

Visual Development